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FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions) 
about the .CC domains.

1. Will my name .CC domain work anywhere in the world? 
Yes, a .CC name works exactly the same as a .COM name, it just happens to have a different ending. It is treated in precisely the same way as .COM by all the DNS nameservers in the world. 




2. Why do I want a domain name ending with .CC?

There are already more than six and a
half million domains registered in the
.COM top level domain. Most of the good,
short, easy to remember names in .COM
are already taken by someone else. The
.CC top level domain is recently
introduced, so there is plenty of new,
empty real estate, with excellent names
still available. In .CC you can have a
domain name that fits your business,
idea, family or other name more closely. 



.3. How much does a .CC domain cost?

$140.00 US dollars every two years for the use of the domain.  

4. How do I change my DNS settings? 

The same way as with the .com,.net,.org domain names to to the domain modification form located at our site at DNS modification form .

.5. Who assigned the .CC TLD domain? 

The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) who is solely responsible for all the TLD domain assignments. 


6. How do I upload my web page on to my domain? 

When registering a domain name, you do not receive any web space on our servers.We "park " the domain untill you are ready to host the domain. We can host your domain starting at $5.95 a month, 25mb space, 25 pop email addresses, your own control panel. Visit our Hosting Plans for more details.


  7. How long until my .CC domain works?

It takes up to 24 hours to have your domain working worldwide if your nameservers have been setup properly. 



8. Dot-CC & Domainnames 

A domain name is simply an address on the World Wide Web. Or, put another way, it's a unique alpha-numeric designation that helps locate a particular computer on the global information network.

Dot-cc works just like dot-com. Both are called top level domains, or TLDs in techspeak. Dot-com and dot-edu are examples of generic domains. Other examples are dot-net and dot-org. To allow room for growth, the designers of the Domain Name System also created country code domains assigned to particular places in the world. The "CC" in dot-cc refers to a tiny island chain in the Indian Ocean.

Though it may not mean much to dot-cc customers who only know of its world-wide functionality, the "cc" of dot-cc is technically a designation for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean with fewer than 700 residents. Like the holder of a government broadcast or wireless-telephone license, administrators are expected to manage domains for the benefit of the Internet community. In that spirit, InternicDomainServices maintains very high standards of professionalism and reliability for customers.

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The maximum length of "domain names" is 63 characters preceding the .com (or .net, .org,.cc,.info)

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