Android TV Box Operating Slowly? How to Fix the Issue

Android TV Box Operating Slowly? How to Fix the Issue

The primary purpose of android TV boxes is streaming. Therefore, it cannot be delightful when the device runs slow as one streams their favorite show. An android tv box contains a high-performance processor and enough storage space, allowing it to deal with complex operations that come its way. However, people can still experience the issue of lagging on an android device. It becomes a relief to know that one can fix the lagging problem in just a few steps.

Fixing a Slow Android TV Box

Before trying to fix the problem, one must understand the leading cause of the slow android box issue. The device may start lagging if it is overheating, resulting from continuous TV box usage without giving it a rest. The other reason a TV box performs slowly may be because it has consumed the storage space. Some individuals allow the running of several applications in the TV background, which may also be why the android device is slow. Although android boxes have high-performance power, it is always nice to give them rest to avoid minor issues. The android box may be lagging due to software or hardware problems

Fixing software errors

There are two ways an individual can resolve the lagging issue due to software error.

1. End applications running in the background

Opening several applications in the background consumes the RAM, which makes the android box slow. It is advisable to run one application at a time to ensure that the RAM is always in perfect condition. If there are apps that one needs to use simultaneously, they should ensure that they close them once they start streaming with the TV box. To ensure that the RAM store as little as possible, an individual needs to exit all apps that are not in use instead of minimizing.

2. Restarting the device

Failure to give the android box a rest will result in lagging. If you realize that the device has been in use for a long time and has started slowing down, restart it to give it time to rest. Using the TV box continuously makes its memory have many operations, thus strangling it. Restarting the TV box allows the TV to end all running processes. After switching it off, unplug it and give it a few minutes to rest.

Fixing hardware errors

Here are various ways one can resolve ragging problems due to hardware errors

1. Utilize original adapter

Android boxes have varying power input needs. Therefore, an adapter for a particular TV box may not work perfectly for another box. Using another adapter will cause lagging because the box is not getting the right amount of power input. Using the android box's original adapter will resolve the issue

3. Clean storage space

If the box's storage space is full, it will most likely operate slowly. Most android TV boxes have an option of maximizing the storage space. One can maximize using external storage space. Clean up the internal storage space by utilizing the external storage

4. Use the cooling fan

Overheating is one of the leading causes of android box lagging. Some of these devices come with a heat release function to prevent overheating. The function may have cooling fans, heat sinks, or holes. However, these are not enough to fully regulate the heat. In that case, using an external cooling fan can be helpful.


Now you know what to do if your android device starts running slow. Android TV boxes must also be taken care of like other electronic devices. Ensure that you don't overwhelm the TV box for it to serve you for long.