Camera Ideas Using a Phone Stand

Camera Ideas Using a Phone Stand

The Ugreen phone stand is a great accessory that will help you take better pictures and videos with your smartphone. It has a flexible design so it can be used with different types of phones. The best part is that it's very inexpensive, so even if you don't like it, it won't cost you much money.

This stand from UGreen’s page comes with an adjustable clamp that can fit any size phone from 4 to 6 inches in size. You just need to open up the clamp and place it on your phone so that it fits snugly onto the device. When you're ready to take pictures or videos, just pop off the clamp and use it as a normal camera stand!

What makes this camera stand so great is its ability to hold both vertical and horizontal positions for taking pictures or videos. It also has an adjustable arm which means you can adjust it depending on where the light source is coming from in order to get the best picture possible.

But what other camera-related activities can you enjoy using your cellphone holder stand? Read on to find out:

Use it for Selfies

The most obvious way that you can use a phone stand is for taking selfies. You can prop up your phone, stick it on top of the stand, and then use the timer feature on your camera app to don’t have to hold up the phone yourself while taking pictures.

Video Recording

Using a smartphone stand for video recording will allow you more freedom during filming than just holding your phone in one hand while filming. You'll be able to move around as much as you want without worrying about dropping or bumping into anything because you won't need two hands-frees at once! It's also easier on your arms if they get tired from holding up the weight of the phone.

Take Pictures with Small Babies or Toddlers

There’s nothing like finding a cute picture of your kid when they were just an infant and wishing you could have captured more moments like that. However, when you're taking pictures with small babies or toddlers, it can be difficult to get them to sit still. When you use a phone stand, you can prop your camera up on something and take a picture from above. That way, you don't have to hold the camera in your hand and try to aim it at them.


A phone stand can end up being a great addition to any photographer's collection. This accessory can be used as a basic tripod, and it also offers a few extra options. There are numerous models out there, so take some time to find the one that best suits your workflow.

Whether taking a selfie or using an overhead shot, using your phone stand in a unique way is always great fun. So next time you grab your Ugreen phone stand for taking an Instagram pic, don't forget to be creative. Once you've done that, you'll enjoy the benefits these products have to offer.