The Importance of Having Pressure Washer Fitting

The Importance of Having Pressure Washer Fitting

You will get everything you need to understand about the pressure washer hose fittings, adapters, and couplers. You will understand the diverse sizes, types, naming conventions, and materials. You will know how the diverse couplers, adapters, and fittings can help you with examples. You will also know how to correct your setup.

What's the essence of machine fittings?

The fittings connect the machine parts. The fittings fit between the trigger gun and the pressure gun. It can also fit between the pressure hose and the pump to enable the proper connection. Pressure washers come with fittings, adapters, and couplers needed to enable them to work.

Fittings are cheap, between $5 and $15. They are long-lasting to make your life easy.

Types of fittings

Couplers, adapters, and fittings

You can consider them as one thing. Some websites refer to this entire category as fittings. They can also refer to the unique types of fittings as adapters, reducers, or couplers.

QC (Quick Connect) fittings

These fittings turn screw connections to release or connect quickly to make the hose's removal and connection easy and fast.

Quick connect fittings close up

The female quick connect fittings (at times called sockets) have O-rings that stop leakages. The male parts are also known as plugs. Most of them will come with the QC connections from the box.


It stops the hose from kinking when in use and also aids in unkinking when you walk from the hose.

Pressure washer swivel fitting

It permits hose spinning (swivel) without twisting the extension wand and the spray guns in large circles.

Materials that make fittings

The fittings must be strong to hold between 1000 and 4000 PSI in more than thousands of cycles. It has to connect the parts firmly together without breaking despite constant tugging. It has to be resistant to corrosion because of the inside water. The fittings have to be cheap to make them profitable business products. Plastic, stainless steel, and brass are common materials in hose fittings. The most common one is brass, then plastic, and lastly, stainless steel.

Plastic fittings

They only fit the lighter duties of the pressure washers.


It's cheap and light


Can easily damage or crack


It's the most preferred. As an alloy of copper and zinc, it has a high melting point.


Its strong, resistant to corrosion, and easy it make different shapes. It's cheaper than stainless steel.


It's more expensive than the plastic fittings.

Stainless steel

The added chromium prevents rust.

Rubber O-rings

They make female fittings that inhibit leaks. When male connects fit into female connects, the rubber O-rings prevent leaks.


The most challenging part of buying fittings is the sizes needed. Even if you use digital calipers, measuring the size is not easy. Some fittings are 3/8 inches, 22mm, while others are 14mm in diameter. You need the best calipers to know the exact size of the fittings that you want.


The fittings are essential for your machine. Add them today and enjoy the benefits they will bring to your life.